The Hole in The Wall Cafe

Hyderabad is expanding all horizons in terms of varieties of food types and this cute joint is one of them.

Outside seating

Well what comes into your mind when we read or hear a place like this “The Hole in the Wall” sounds like wall got a hole and we have go inside and visit this place. if you think this answer is NO. In western countries this kind of slang means a cozy place which has less budget in terms of infrastructure but beautiful and homely environment with great food.

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This outlet is in Jubilee hills just beside to FastTrack’s and it’s so easy to reach here. It’s a welcoming ambiance with minimal use of over the top interiors and just the wooden work does wonders. It’s well lit and outer seating is good after 4 in the evening specially in summers, but I guess it will be beautiful during winters. I happened to visit them recently on a Sunday early evening with few foodie friends for a review session. It’s got something which gives a very positive energy as you enter. A whole section of wall which got books, games and yes KIDS will love this place so as adults.

Soft and chocolaty pancakes

Coming to food and drinks, they got some nice range in all kind of English breakfast which runs whole day from morning 8.30 a.m. till evening 8.30 p.m. except Monday’s as they are closed.  If you are a person who loves waffles, pancakes, wholesome English breakfast, French Toast, Burger’s bacon, eggs, pork, smoothies and list goes on……This place is for you without any second doubt. All in all, a place which gets your American food crave sorted in appetizing way.

The Porky Fella’s Breakfast

Meaty Beef Cheese burger (Bacon and fried egg), The complete meaty burger (customize it as per tour stuffing choice), Cold coffee, peach and basil lemonade, Strawberry coffee, Lemon Mint cooler, Funky Monkey Waffles- topped with sliced bananas, Choco chips, condensed milk and chocolate sauce – do order this if you got over the top sweet fetish, Meaty Beef Fries with cheese, Pancakes were soft and such a pretty small sized with overwhelming taste of chocolate, The Porky Fella’s breakfast – One plate is adequate for whole day which contains 2 fried eggs done damn perfectly, 2 pork sausages, bacon, pork ham, mushrooms, mashed potato, grilled tomato with sauteed spinach on top with two slices of bread. Well I do not eat Pork or Beef, but I can say by watching my fellow friends that they were enjoying to the core and recommended to eat for sure if you love eating pork. My favorite was Spicy chicken mushroom and cheese sandwich and it’s not unlike your regular looking sandwich the bread is so soft and fresh which makes the sandwich even more tastier, filling was cooked well with proportionate usage of chicken chunks, mushroom and cheese gives you a hearty stomach feeling. The chicken keema with panini bread was too a desi twist in the menu which tastes good and served hot.

Hash Browns

I would recommend this place for a hangout and some great all-day breakfast kind of food…………with nice ambiance and awesomely well-trained staff. You might need to wait for 5 or 10 mins extra than the usual time but it’s all worth it as the quality of food is good. It’s worth every penny you spend as everything you order going to finish in no time. For those you love indoor games like Jenga, Uno or scrabbles or just read some books this place is for you.


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