HAIKU – Asian, Japanese & Thai

“Haiku” means Poetry in Japanese, well one thing is amazing about Hyderabad that it’s flourishing with all kind of world cuisine in a great manner. People are welcoming with open hearts for their love for Food.

I happened to visit this place with my foodie friends for lunch and I was bit skeptical about the food as I am not so fond of Pan-Asian cuisine. But this place got some great food options in Thai, Japanese and Asian which are worth eating every spoon or bite.

Locating this place is bit of a task as the signage board is very small and light in color and as it’s above an interior showroom in Jubilee hills its quite a tricky thing to locate. But once you come inside this beautiful place as its huge and spacious with beautiful decor made of plants, bamboos and light color wall art. Gives you a soothing and calm feeling for sure and that’s when you feel that it’s certainly a good choice to have your meal.

Starting with few mocktails there quite some variations like Bubble tea, Iced tea – Strawberry, Green apple and watermelon and other fruit based flavors. They do have good options in infused tea like Lavender, rose, vanilla, lemon green, berry, chamomile etc. which is great way to calm and cleanse your palate so that you are ready to gorge on some amazing food items.

 Started with soup which were strong in flavors of all Asian spices and open and taste buds inside you specially the vegetarian soup (Thai Lemon Cilantro). Chicken soup was clear with some exotic Asian veggies in that and gives a clear taste of everything contains.

Vegetarian Starters – Jade Tofu, Tangy Lotus Stem, Thai corn lollipop in sweet chili sauce. My favorite was Jade tofu as the tofu was well marinated with crushed chili, mint and spinach the look was fresh and that tofu was very soft. Tangy lotus stem was huge in quantity and glazing with all tangy sauce and yes it was crunchy and crispy. Thai corn lollipop was amazing in presentation and with all sesame seeds topped in that looks every bit of beautiful. Its crisp from outside and inner the soft corn was melting in your mouth with all that bursting of Thai flavors.

Non – Veg Starters – Grilled Tuna, Indonesian Grilled Prawns in skewers were the best with the cooking time is just perfect for prawns and that spicy, tangy sauce over that was tasty.

For Sushi lovers this place is a jackpot as they got hell lot of varieties for vegetarian and for non-vegetarians like – Yasai Moriwase Maki, Kapa Maki, Ame Shiltake Maki, Sushi Sashimi Matsu, Crazy Maki, California Maki to name a few.

Chicken and Miso Udon Noodles – It’s not like the regular thin noodles its fresh made with bit of thick noodles and shredded chicken and those spring onions, garlic gives a very subtle Asian taste to it and yes one of the best noodles one can have over here.

Thai Green Fish curry with Jasmine Rice- Thai Fish green curry in which fish are cut in equal size and in taste it was bit sweet but flavorful in all right sense. Goes well with jasmine flavors which opens your taste and smell senses.

Thai Yellow curry with veggies/ Sticky rice – This one is something based with coconut milk and flavors were oozing out with every single spoon the flavors were balanced with right amount of gravy, salt and chili and that aromatic sticky rice was just the perfect thing you could eat for your lunch.



Mango Mousse with coconut – Real mango taste with sour, tangy and sweetness in it but nothing overpowering any taste. Very creamy and thick just perfect balanced dessert anyone can have after a great meal.

Layered Indulgence –  This one is certainly for who loves their sugar rush in their body with chocolate cake and crumbles layered with Choco syrup in right amount make this one a sinful dessert.

Pineapple stuffed crepe with ice cream – Thin crepe made up of refine flour batter and stuffed with pineapple chucks along with vanilla ice- cream it’s a different kind of dessert and hit among peoples.

Toffee Layered dessert – One hell kind of dessert with sticky toffee and kids to elderly age all will love this dish, slightly higher on sweetness which can be bit tone down and it can win many hearts.


All in all, one of the best place in Hyderabad for summing-up your Asian cravings with amazing ambiance, great service and quite competitive pricing. Well you need to shell out bit more to eat some quality Asian food which worth every single penny.


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