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Third outlet in Hyderabad must be crazy and special for those who eat out a lot. Happened to visit this place very recently with few fellow foodie friends and I was awed by the menu as its tasty but healthy and specially for me as I really like Mexican cuisine. It’s so colorful, packed with veggies, proteins (chicken), corn, tomato and lot more in plate.


Started with make your own salad which is like Mini-Bowl of all nutrients anyone require in their daily diet- Carbs, proteins, vitamins, anti-oxidant, fibers etc. I chose lettuce, kidney beans(rajma), mushrooms, olives, grilled chicken, hot chicken, cottage cheese (paneer), walnuts, cheddar cheese and sour cream all in one bowl was not less than one spoon made this bowl a wholesome meal for me with some balsamic reduction & vinaigrette just for that sour dash on top it was one thing I just loved to eat.

Their menu offer lot of Mexican, Tex-mex and few Hyderabadi Indian dishes too with a twist which you will love to indulge.

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Toss salad

Hot Kebab Wrap- More like Tortilla wrap


Chicken wings and boneless chicken

Desserts- Hot chocolate fudge, walnut brownie with ice-cream

Well wraps, quesadilla, tortilla , edibowl, biryanis, kebabs all were very good as the usage of fresh vegetables, soft paneer, nice chunks of chicken were served. Tomatoes, olives and jalapenos are good source vitamins, folate, Vitamin C and antioxidant properties respectively so binging over here is great deal.

I have tried their chicken & lamb pizza too and the best thing I like about it that they make their own fresh dough not like other places readymade one. Which makes the crust soft and crusty at the same time, tomato sauce is freshly made and not the bottled sauce. Toppings were enough as per the crust and thickness, lamb was well cooked so was that chicken and that cheese was just perfect not less nor overly cheesy.

Tortilla wrap and quesadilla both were well made with beautiful brown outer crust and that filling with bell peppers, chicken chunks, bit of cheese and tomato salsa. It’s made by corn sheets so again its very healthy and one portion is great of one person to make them full.


Kidney beans and rice- Red and black kidney beans is staple in Mexican cuisine, you can add on that in your bowl as per your taste same goes with the option of white rice, brown rice and the one which is very rare in Hyderabad now is black rice a complete package of Vitamin E and antioxidant. And we all know kidney beans benefits its laden with proteins.

Kebabs and biryanis are like soul in Hyderabad so keeping that in menu is good catch for those who can’t think any think except these two items. It’s well made with less spices and less oil and same goes with biryani it tastes good with the spice aroma and those chunks of chicken in non-veg and paneer in veg were very tender, moist in taste. Portion wise it’s good for two people, have it hot for better taste result.

After all those healthy meals one can binge on Walnut brownie with vanilla ice-cream which is an absolute sin anyone can do happily. They have other option in desserts too but I just loved this one also choco fudge was great option.

It’s a great place to be on weekends or weekdays for grabbing a bite after work or for those healthy freaks after gym too you can have something which will go well with diet program.

Do try their fresh juices which consists-Anar, Berries, Litchi, Guava, Jamun and Grape other than that mango lassi was good option to refresh yourself. My favourite was grape with all that tangy and sweet taste it goes well with food too, but as I say over here something is there for everyone.

Place to go…………..folks
Walnut brownie with ice-cream

Why should anyone visit this place?

# Super healthy

# Good varieties

# Loads of veggies means good skin and healthy you

# non-veg – tasty and loads of proteins

# great staff

# affordable pricing

# vibrant ambiance

Shout out for starting healthy food habit in Mexican style……………………:-)


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