Mocha Bar

What a lovely place to visit with such a beautiful and luscious green decor you will certainly feel rejuvenated . The best part whether you go for lunch ,early evening drinks or for late evening dinner every time is good time. With earthy decor, trees and plants surrounded to give you nice breeze you will feel every bit close to nature still with todays world.


This place is huge which means it can easily accommodate 250-300 guests with comfort,which includes inside and outer seating. As the name suggests “MOCHA BAR” but don’t get disappoint to see that bar word theres is something for all. They got really refreshing mock tails, shakes and of course for alcohol lovers good storage of liquors. Food they serve includes Indian, Asian, Continental and Lebanese the best part I felt about this place is you can eat guilt free as for the people who are calorie conscious they have varieties of salads, mock tails and food like Lebanese, Kebabs, Asian are good in taste & less in calories.

I have attended the paid HOMP (Hyderabad On My Plate) food event which gave me chance to taste lot of things from menu and I am going to share the best part from the restaurant menu.

Soups and Salads- Beetroot and Papaya salad which served in a jar and I think its a good way to keep the flavors intact its the option for diet conscious people as it contains vitamins and iron. Khousey a Thai cuisine soup which get served along with peanuts, eggs(in case you order a non-veg Khousey), fried noodles- taste is very rustic with all coconut milk flavors coming up gives nice aroma, tastes good and refreshing.

Presentation side they have not left any thing left which makes the food more appealing and that moment itself you want to order.The following items you should not give a miss at this place if you happen to come.

  • Fiery Chicken Wings- Chicken wings lovers will love this one and I being not a lover of Wings loved this one. Glazed with fiery sauce made this starter perfect.
  • Stuffed Tangri- Moist, pieces looked so good and that fresh mint chutney goes well.
  • Mezze Platter- Being a Lebanese food lover I relished this platter and it gets so much varieties-Lavash,Pita, Sambosa,Falafel.
  • Lebanese Kebab Platter- Hummus, Tahini sauce, three kinds of kebabs with flufgy/fresh pita bread make this platter must to order.
  • Crispy Honey Chili Awesamosa- Twist for samosa lovers, this starter is small in size but loaded with flavors. Topped with sesame and honey chili sauce make this samosa sweet and spicy.
  • Cheese breads- One word- Heavenly cheesilicious.
  • Keema Ghotala- Serving style very desi(Indian) tastes very nice and home food. It get served with pav but I chose to have roti instead which taste equally good. Oil usage was less, meat was cooked perfectly and usage of spices was balanced.
  • Chicken Dum Biryani- I was impressed with the taste of biryani as it was so tasty, aromatic and so authentic. Mirchi ka salan was appropriate but raita was much like curd which I am sure can be improvised. Chicken pieces where perfect, rice was cooked properly and spices blended so well.
  • Hyderabadi Korma- It was mild spicy curry which goes well with roti/naan/lacha parantha.
  • Penang Rending Curry with Canai Roti- Its a Thai curry and a must try for Asian cuisine lovers.
  • Rasmalai Cheesecake- This dessert is the hero over here and its a must try for dessert lovers, layers of rasmalai in between cream which is layered on biscuit crumble gives a crunch. Its surrounded with the pool of saffron and milk which looks eye appealing. Drool over and feel guilt free.
  • Fudge Brownie- Presentation looks catchy so does it taste. Topped with brownie,gems and whipped cream make this shake full.
  • Cheesecake Brownie- Mild in sweetness, tastes really good served with coffee flavored ice-cream.
  • Oreo Cookie and Fudge Brownie- Whipped cream topped with Oreo biscuit its a sin not have this shake specially Oreo lovers out there.

Best this about this place is it’s spacious, quirky decor, beautiful outer space, full fledged menu and great staff with great hospitality spirit. Its going to be one place on my hit list and will be visiting again soon.


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