Jonathan’s Kitchen- Sunday Brunch

Ambiance– Well lit, comfortable seating’s, spacious, ample space between tables which makes you feel better in terms when you talk or discuss anything. Its very well furnished and the colors they used for the whole ambiance is very soothing as well as welcoming.

Food– Starters and drinks are unlimited in which they include vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes both and for drinks they got good options in beer (drought, Stella Artois, Kingfisher etc.), cocktails and mock tails. I asked for virgin mojito, Lust, cosmopolitan for drinks.

“Lust”- Vodka infused with green chilies 


Corn kernels- Crisp, perfect amount if salt, tinge of spice and prefect for rainy season.

Achari Paneer- Moist, well marinated, usage of less oil, accompanied with pudina chutney which was fresh and refreshing. A must try for sure.

Shammi Kebab- Very soft, lovely in presentation, bursting with flavors and tender mutton.

Chicken Satay- Long boneless chicken strips in wooden skewers made to perfection with taste of sweet and sour as they put soy sauce and peanut butter for the bit of glaze.

Falafel- It was accompanied with white mayonnaise and would say it’s good in taste but that Mediterranean authentication was missing.

Focaccia bread topped with Chicken- This one was my favorite and I finished all portion they served at one go…..:-) Soft and fresh focaccia baked with jalapenos, cheese and thin chicken piece which was absolute delight to have and I would definitely recommend having this one.

Soup we opted for Prawn bisque which was more like a clear soup with bits of prawns, mushrooms, carrots and it tasted bit on saltier side though it was fine.

Main course we requested to have spring chicken and Alfredo Chicken and trust me quantity wise its total worth it and taste is absolute delicious. I loved the pasta which was creamy in texture; usage of cheese was perfect not overly done which made that total taste worthy. Chicken, mushrooms with olives and that thin crusted garlic bread made it more appealing to have this dish.

Spring chicken was good but one thing I didn’t like that usually this kind of dish they use breast piece which is easier to eat with cutlery whereas other pieces its get tough to eat with and struggle to get the bones out. It got broccoli, asparagus, bell peppers, carrots and mash potato.  The jus reduction was less which made it bit hard and dry though it can be a delicious dish if these minor changes taken into consideration.

They do have options to choose in between, Thai red curry, mutton biryani, vegetarian items and it changes every Sunday.

Desserts were blueberry cheesecake and gulab jamun and these people are genius to get the portion but smaller as you get so full by the end you get to dessert. Crust was Oreo biscuit which made the crust crunchy, cheese was in heavy amount and the blueberry sauce or reduction I would say rather was perfect and between I could taste the sweet and sour blueberry. Gulab jamun was worth trying for Indian dessert lovers.

Service– Smiling face, ready to serve you, helpful and extremely polite. Each staff over here is well trained and professional. I loved the service and hospitality.

On Saturdays and Sundays they have live singer (Shawn ) singing t beautiful songs and you can certainly request your songs and join him too. They got a temporary tattoo artist for all those kids and adults who want to paint their skin with bit of colors.



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