Oh Bean Der


Name is catchy, décor is simple yet very comfortable and enough space between tables.

Went for foodies meet and it was hell fun to taste different kind of food from their menu in which few were absolute delight and worth trying every time you visit this place.

It’s a casual dining place but the food is made to perfection which I didn’t expect and that’s the best part, when you don’t expect much things turn into surprise.

Started from Oreo shake, watermelon juice and mango smoothie. I loved the Oreo shake it was creamy and blend of Oreo cookies was perfect, it was hit among foodie gang. Mango smoothie was more like mango lassi and not smoothie either they should change the name or change the taste by adding ice-cream. Watermelon juice was fresh but it was bit warm they should freeze it or add ice in that, best to do make ice cubes of juice and adding it up so it would be chilled and taste will remain intact.

Minestrone Soup– It was normal nothing extra special but good to start your meal with, subtle in taste and all finely chopped or grinded I would say veggies.

Chilled Watermelon Feta Salad– This was delight for eyes and for mouth as well, creamy and salty feta, basil leaves and melon small scoops goes so well with each other. It’s my all time favorite salad and I would suggest having to refresh your taste buds.

Cottage Cheese Sicilian– Nicely cut in cubes, very soft, seasoned with all Italian herbs and spices. But it was not marinated well therefore the spices didn’t enter the cubes properly hence making the dish quite bland in spite of having all seasoning. This was okay for me but they can improve it for sure.

Veg Stick Kebab– It’s like a modern version of hara bhara kebab I would say, presentation was perfect and different. Mint chutney beneath over that sweet/tangy imli chutney(tamarind) on top of short glass kebab inserted in small stick. Kebab was well intact with all Indian spices and bang on with that khatta meetha chutney, surely worth having every bite.

Grilled Vadapav Burger– A hot seller among vegetarians foodie, with soft and crisp stuffing of potato with all seasoning. Tangy and spicy chutney making it totally yummilicious.

Barbecue Orange glazed Chicken wings– It’s a visual orgasm when you see this starter which is shining in glaze with the barbecue sauce covered the whole chicken wings. Crispy, succulent and juicy inside, initial taste will be sweet/tangy and later bite by bite you will feel the spice. Loved it though I am not a fan of chicken wings.

Exotic pizza– Thin crust, toppings were mushrooms, zucchini, bell peppers, tomatoes and wonderful cheese.  Blend of all veggies and cheese were balanced which didn’t over power any taste and that’s the beauty of having this pizza. Must try this all veggie lovers.

Four Cheese Pizza– Felt very flat, bland, they should add feta or that kind of cheese which can make it but salty as I couldn’t taste a pinch of salt. You have to sprinkle oregano and chili flakes to make it eatable. Crust was super crisp, scope of improvement can make it hot seller especially among cheese lovers.

Sea food pizza– Toppings – fish and prawns but taste was quite different and with cheese it was not going well. I would not recommend this pizza at all.

Pasta (Alfredo chicken) -Beautiful presentation, good chunks of chicken, creamy, herbs seasoning was appropriate and it was divine to have this pasta.

Barbeque Chicken Burger– One burger is so sufficient for one person, soft bun, and shredded chicken with nicely made with slurpy sauce. Good in taste and best have it hot.

Pasta(Arabiata) – Tangy, good in quantity and made with perfection. Chopped garlic, parsley, basil leaf added to the beauty and taste of this amazing pasta. Do try this if you happen to visit this restaurant.

Chicken Biryani– Nicely cooked, pieces were good in quantity, and aroma of all spices was great. Goes really well with mirchi ka salan and raita.

Dal Makhni– Was surprised when I had this, so creamy, buttery and lentils where cooked amazingly with all spices with perfection. Goes well with naan or with zeera rice, but a must try over here.

Chicken Saagwala– Boneless chicken pieces cooked aptly with spinach creamy gravy goes so well and both the taste compliment each other so well. Goes well with butter naan or lacha paratha, a must try out here. It’s rich in taste and to taste buds.

Chicken Milanese– A Italian main course, large breast piece stuffed with parmesan cheese and pesto sauce. It was crisp in every bite, have it hot to enjoy the cheesy flavor and nicely stuffed pesto in chicken. It was new and innovative dish for me which turned out really well.

Lachedar Butter Chicken– Again an aromatic, delicious dish from their kitchen. Portion is good for two goes perfectly with tandoori roti/naan, chicken pieces and gravy made with tomato and butter was light orange in color, with no added color in the dish.


Blueberry cheesecake– I loved this one, crust was apt, ricotta cheese over was creamy in texture and taste so subtly sweet, blueberry sauce was fresh and I could get the taste of berries perfectly.

Blueberry Cheesecake
Choco Truffle, Red velvet and Blueberry cheese cake

They do have gajar ka halwa, gulab jamun in desserts from our home country and which was equally good, choco lava, brownie; ice creams are available too in desserts’ section.

This restaurant is value for money and location wise in prime area. You can visit here with family ,friends or colleagues. Definitely worth going and there is so much in menu that you will keep trying in every visit and it will leave you with satisfaction.

Staffs are courteous and professional. Though they need to pronounce the dishes properly this might take time as it’s a newly renovated restaurant.


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