Saturday Drunch @ Komatose

Saturday Drunch soft launch party with foodie’s gang certainly made my Saturday afternoon very interesting with food tasting and cocktails trial.



Ambiance- Quite spacious with upper and lower seating space and the console over the upper area can uplift your mood, though they had that time live singers which add a zing to “Saturday’s Drunch” soft launch meet. Furniture’s, to lighting to interesting LED written words everything was inviting at Komatose.

Food- Menu is well conceptualized with mix of three course meal from a great picked dishes and its actually get difficult which one to choose as everything looks and sounds appealing. I started my experience from the best seller “Lust” and trust me I am not a chilly fan but this one certainly the highlight of all cocktails- gives a chill zing in each sip and you actually feel sweaty at the end. My most favorites were “Pride”, “Envy”, “Jagger Bomb” , “Cosmopolitan” and others names I don’t remember.


I have tried almost everything from the menu and my favorites pick:-

  1. Benedict – Eggs are great source of protein and when it’s this way certainly the best ,its creamy and yolk oozes out and make you to finish all at one go and the fresh bun which takes the base to another level.
  2. Masala mushrooms on thick toast- Sauteed mushrooms in lightly seasoned herbs topped over a thick fresh toast, I just loved this starter and would crave all day long.
  3. Mom’s Good aloo paratha- The moment you see it you will forget your diet and jump to have ot, its buttered with fresh white butter, the stuffing is so moist and creamy that you don’t need to chew hard. Goes well with pickle and fresh creamy curd and it will definitely remind you of authentic north Indian parantha’s.
  4. Classic mac & cheese – Proportion is great not much and not less just perfect for one person, the consistency got really good for the cheese quantity and the taste for the same doesn’t goes over the top.
  5. Fish Moilee- Down from south our own God’s own country and if you didn’t try this dish you haven’t tried the best from menu. And this was a top ordered from all the foodies, it got steamed rice, fish piece, gravy which is from fresh coconut milk and thin julienne of lady’s fingers fried to crisp. The bite got all from fried lady’s finger to moist and beautifully cooked fish, hot rice and rich creamy gravy.
  6. Dadima’s chicken curry & rice- The presentation of this dish was different and very appealing, gravy in a bowl, rice and chicken pieces. It’s actually taste like a home cooked food and very tasty and something you will not get in fine dining restaurants. This one definitely recommended who is away from home and want north Indian taste in their food.
  7. Amritsari Kulche & Chole- Kulcha was seasoned with pudina and chiraunji was so soft and fresh goes with black chole. A proper Punjabi meal I would say accompanied by onions rings, green chili and lemon wedge.
  8. Chicken kathi roll- It was good but I feel bit of moist would have tastier, as when you eat this feels very dry. Stuffing is in good amount and the roti roll is well made out.

From the desserts my favorites pick were:-

  1. Vanilla fresh toast with blueberry compote- Anything in blueberry attars me and this one was crusty and soft at the same time, don’t believe it you should try it for sure. The presentation was catchy with ice sugar drizzle, cream beside and blueberry on top.
  2. Pancakes with maple syrup- Freshly done and subtle in sweetness, and make sure to have it hot/warm.
  3. Brownie cheesecake Duet- Brownie would have bit nutty and crisp then would have been the best. Adding up crushed walnuts or cashews can make it much better I feel.

I did try the apple pie and found it good tough I am not a apple pie person, my other foodie gang loved it.

American Chopsuey and Bunny Chow did not appeal me much but others were enjoying the dishes.

All in all it was a great Saturday drunch and not to forget the cocktail learning session by Bartender Kiran and exciting Flaming cocktail visuals by David were engrossing throughout till evening.


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