Ohri’s Tansen

rotis dahi ke kebab

Truly royal food experience
“Truly royal food experience”

Writing a review for place like this which makes you so satisfy in all sense is really a great feeling and Ohri’s doesn’t fail anytime anybody’s expectations.

AMBIANCE- Beautiful, elegant, soothing, spacious and more adjectives you can add on once you enter this fine dining restaurant. The pillars which are cream and golden in color, seating arrangements, water body near to all tables and the entrance walk area which looks like a palace corridor. Will surely wow a dining experience and it made a memorable experience for us, it happened to my parents 29th wedding anniversary and I chose this place to celebrate the same.

FOOD- We have ordered the following drinks and eatables and everything was delicious, perfectly cooked, great balance of spices, each one differs from another and that what makes it so special.

Drinks- Chatka Orange- which is a mock tail which got orange big wedges,tulsi leaves and other ingredients which make it so refreshing and chatpata for a summer lunch. Definitely a try on for non-alcoholic people, its so refreshing.

Zesty Orange Iced tea- Came in a huge glass and actually gets tipsy if one have to finish the same..:-) It got all white liqueurs and orange juice with little zing of mint and black salt. Great drink and one is more than enough I must say.

Dahi ke Kebab- Absolute delight to eat this and well cooked, so crispy from out and inside the curd and other stuffing were nicely mixed up which made this starter a hit.
Jhinga Till Tinka- Its a jumbo prawns skewers which is deep fried with crumbs and sesame seeds on top which is accompanied by tartar or mayo sauce. We just loved the taste it was so crispy from out and inside the succulent prawns meat, WOW is the word for this dish.
Mutton Tawa Boti Kebab- Its a typical dish with drinks but spicy and small in pieces with all tadka(seasoning)-curry leaves, onions, red chilly. Its not a oily dish so one can relish it without any guilt as it’s a tawa fried and not a deep fried one.

Main course:-
Gosht Jehangiri- Boneless mutton pieces and trust me the gravy proportion and the pieces were totally apt and good enough for three people. It was red in color but not that spicy the usage of Indian spices was very good which makes this great gravy option with rotis or different varieties of Indian breads.

Bhurani Parantha- Total khasta, crispy, layered with ghee and red chilly makes it so yummy that you actually don’t need any curry. Its a total try out if you want to try something else than regular tandoori or naan.

Malai Warqi- This is again a heavy yet tasty kind of shahi roti i would say, its like they knead in milk and layered with malai(cream) and have this silver warq on top. Gives a mild sweet taste it can be eaten normally or with a spicy gravy whichever way you prefer.

Shermal- Its a Hyderabadi delicacy and trust me I got this chance ti eat this dish first time in Hyderabad and I really felt its so worth to have it. Its so soft and have beautiful aroma with slight yellow in color as they made it with saffron immersed milk kneaded in flour. It was apparently less oily than than the others two kind of parantha and can be accompanied with good gravy.

Sizzling brownie with vanilla ice-cream- Need not to say it was extremely tasty, the brownie was melting in mouth and not at all over powered with sweetness. It was just perfect for me and quite enough for three people as the lunch got so heavy.

SERVICE – Extremely courteous , well knowledgeable and polite staff.

There is so much to try from their menu that I am definitely going to come again to experience this beautiful place and may be in evening hours to enjoy the gazal nights.


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