FIREWATER Kitchen & Bar


Great hospitality and service the one thing I notice as I enter this restaurant, it was on my list since and reason was this name which is quite catchy.

This place is huge and number of seats are too good , the best part they have Private dining room to which can accommodate 15-20 people. On a busy Friday evening also they were so prompt in taking orders and service was really good. Extremely professional and well versed with the dishes they have in their kitchen.

Coming over food here is the list we ordered for our drink and dine:-

1.Water melon Feta– Three layers of circle watermelon and in between feta cheese garnished with mint leaves.Visually it looks so good that you actually don’t feel to cut that fruit. It was a fresh watermelon and feta indeed goes so well and its a great option for salad when you actual in diet or want to follow a less calorie diet.

2. Butter Garlic prawns– I was not that happy with this particular starter over here as the prawns were not the medium size which actually gives you real taste of butter -garlic. It was frozen kind of prawns which makes it very chewy and spoil taste in spite of well use of spices and all. I suggested the staff to use the small or medium prawns instead of bigger one which will actually improve the taste.

3. Mai Sarson ka Machli Tikka – This is my favorite and loved the taste,it was not spicy at all mild and super soft. The use of mustard paste was perfect as it was enhancing the fish taste so well and the quantity was perfect for two people. Goes well with drinks and cocktails.

4. Kheema Parantha – Well cooked but the stuffing was bit less but it was cooked well, super crispy. One keema parantha is good for 2 people and some spicy gravy will add an zing but we avoided as we were quite full by that time.

5. Chocolate Lava cake with ice cream – This dessert is a must try for chocolate lovers and trust me I was so full but I ordered again one more it was that good. The cake crust was hot and perfectly buttery and chocolate inside was melted beautifully so gooey and was going well with vanilla ice-cream.


All in all great place to wind up your evening on weekends, good food and ambiance and extremely courteous service makes a meal/dinner quite memorable. And I am definitely going again for trying more dishes from their menu.




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