The Bar-Novotel (Shamshabad Aiport)

The Bar - Hotel Novotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Went for the “Tapas food festival” which is Spanish food way to address starters and its basically finger food which usually compliments well with drinks whether its wine, beer or a mock tail.


I was very excited to go for this festival as I am fond of finger foods and whats better then tapas-they got all fresh spreads and we can choose and tell Chef as it was a live counter. Tell your preferences to him like veg, non veg and in non veg also they had pork salami, bacon, salmon, crabs,chicken salami,minced lamb, eggs, fresh fruits with cheese and lots more on palette.

“Tapas spread”


“Dips,Olives and Jalapenos”DSC_0266-1

” Nearer view”DSC_0264-1


Once we get seated they served us three different dips one was creamy dip with parsley second one with mashed aubergine and third was like hummus kind. As Spanish food got influenced by Mediterranean food too so usage of hummus, baba ganoush and olives are usual. I like the different dips and the bread sticks given to us with accompanied so well .

My top favorite from tapas list:-

  1. Watermelon, papaya with feta cheese
  2. Salmon bruschetta
  3. Chicken minced rolls
  4. Crab roll in aubergine
  5. Chicken salami with balsamic reduction
  6.  Boiled egg half cut with poached pears
  7. Prawn, olives and veggies
  8. Boiled egg half with pomegranate sauce topped with parsley

The flavors where good and fresh and everything tasted really good though veg part was not that great as non veg choices were in huge didn’t try more than once for veg tapas. Chef was very good and they will make different type each time and yes if you like something specifically they repeat it with a great smile.

This particular package includes beer and wine and unlimited tapas served you to your table, staff are extremely courteous and professional. Ambiance is great and as its in Shamshabad location so peaceful too not much crowded.

I had great experience as it was a great experience and its there till 29th of February I would really recommend for the love of food and its only finger food not the main course or desserts.

“Different Tapas on plate”







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