Adaa-Taj Falaknuma Palace

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Great ambiance, truly extravagant Nizami welcome decor and definitely a royal experience when we enter Taj Falaknuma Palace. Dinner over here is totally a mesmerizing as we can see the city view from our seating place.

Coming over food we went for ala-carte menu, decided over-“Margh ka gosht shorba,pathar ka gosht, kachi gosht ki biryani, cheese garlic naan and a dessert which is made up of dry fruits and given with saffron foam(proper menu name I don’t remember).

“Loved the dining table setting”


Starting with shorba it was was served in small cup which is actually quite a good quantity for one person along with given a soft bread which went quite well. Aroma wise its smell heavenly all the spices giving that refreshing smell and that coriander on top. Tasted so good and little pieces of mutton bits at the end accomplish your taste buds and ask for more and more.

“Margh ka Shorba”


“Pathar ka gosht” is something which top my list if its their in menu and over here its certainly was not a wrong choice. I loved the way they cooked it was totally mouth melting and spices were subtle just the way it should be in this starter dish. The portion was quite good for two people and accompanied by onions and carrots shreds.

Pathar ka gosht


Main course-Kachi gosht ki biryani is my favorite since the time I am in Hyderabad and order in proper biryani joints and over here I was expecting a WOW kind of taste. Talking about plus points -1. Quantity was great for 2 people in fact three people can eat comfortably. 2. Mutton pieces were quite in good amount 3. Mirchi ka salan was amazing total fresh aromatic peanuts and fresh chilies smell was coming. Now about minus points it was total bland no flavaours and I could not even smell anything from Biryani. Even after adding the salan with biryani the taste was just fine.And the place like this and the cost I paid seriously this thing was disater for me we did not eat full even after packing up rest the part we didn’t eat leftover. They should take it seriously.

“Kachi Gosht Ki Biryani”


“Pomegranate and apple cocktail”


Cheese Garlic naan was also okay nothing great but okay, coming over a sorbet which was a complimentary was truly a punchy and refreshing experience. It made up of passion fruit which taste sweet, tangy,sour all at one time and that makes this very special.

“Passion fruit sorbet”


“Dry fruits dessert with saffron foam”


This was very subtle in flavors it was good and something different which I never ate, I loved the presentation for this dessert-clean, perfectly placed and looks good to your eyes. Taste wise I could feel the nuts perfectly and with saffron foam the mild sweetness was there. Worth trying once specially people who like less sweet and not for those who are die hard sugar fan.

Over all would say should try once but surely not more than that, a good royal feeling and staff are extremely courteous.


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